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About Doctall Group

Leading Communities, One and All, to Better Health

The Doctall Group is a full-circle healthcare provider that through its family of brands offers comprehensive primary and secondary medical services which are accessible anywhere, to everyone. 

We believe that quality healthcare must be available to all, no excuses – this is what we strive for, what drives our every action and is our vision of an inclusive healthier future.

Everyone deserves to have a greater expectation for good health – this should not be aspirational. Through technology, knowledge sharing and sheer tenacity, we have made it our mission to transform people’s ability to better manage their well-being and improve their health security.

Our Brand Family

The Doctall Group offers its diverse healthcare solutions to patients, corporates, and governments through its portfolio of brands.

Doctall Group’s flagship, is a digital diagnostic and telemedicine platform empowering Nigerians to better health through democratising diagnostic services and making accessible doctor and nurses services to all
Promoting bespoke healthcare and well-being solutions to hospitals, clinics and doctors, insurers, corporates and government agencies, optimising their revenue generation and patient / employee healthcare delivery.
Spearheading health empowerment by sharing original health, medical, well-being and lifestyle content to the masses, encouraging the rapid growth of an inclusive, engaged, diverse health community across all corners of Africa and beyond.

Leading communities, one and all, to better health. Our non-profit Foundation envisions a healthier future where everyone, irrespective of status, has access to quality healthcare.

A luxury healthcare provider catering to those discerning Nigerians, at home or abroad, that demand a world class service delivering care, comfort and confidence.

Pioneering healthcare and wellness exclusively for men across Nigeria. We understand the unique health concerns faced by men and strive to provide comprehensive care solutions to enhance their well-being, bolster their confidence and live their best lives.

Doctall (UK)
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BroAll (UK)
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The Diabetes Expert (coming soon)

Our Executive Team

Driven by passion, grit and invaluable experience, our Executive Team are true believers in convenient, quality healthcare that is accessible to all (simply click to see profiles).

Sandeep Chadha

Founder & CEO

Aniekan Joseph

Country Head, Nigeria

Mal Simons

Head of E-Commerce

Dr John Stephen

Senior Clinical Advisor

Bindu P. Nandam

Head of Development

James Lewis

Head of Digital

Our Advisory Board

Fueled by their desire to make a difference and leave a sustainable positive impact, our esteemed Board Advisors, work tirelessly in driving Doctall forward.

Srinivasa Elevala Reddy

Co-Founder & Director

Our Promise

We serve all those looking to improve their well-being by providing access to local and international, high-quality healthcare services; at a range of price points that suit everyone. Wherever you are, whenever you need, whatever your financial capacity, and, on your own terms, we have tailored options to help you.

Our Heart


Because, unfortunately, quality healthcare is currently a privilege and not a right


Through our unwavering dedication, our doctors’ invaluable experience and leveraging innovative technologies to break down all barriers


Providing comprehensive primary and secondary healthcare accessible anywhere, to everyone


Everyone, one and all

Our Values


To lead communities, one and all, to better health


Be stubborn on vision, but flexible on strategy


Knowledge is power and access is opportunity – we level the playing field


To show empathy and compassion, inspiring hope to those most in need


Steadfast in our tireless relentlessness

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